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Bulk Orders


We happily accept bulk orders of T-shirts according to events, colour themes, and design! Basically, we love to deliver all your needs and wants.

For bulk quantities, CIYAPA offers wholesale prices.

Ciyapa is a D2C (Direct to Customer) apparel brand.

All the products offered by the brand are made of 100% superior cotton material, perfect for casual, everyday or occasional wear. We offer a bulk order service on our website if you are looking to buy a large number of t-shirts at once. If you are looking for premium quality t-shirts for men, women, or unisex, feel free to reach out to us. Please fill in the form given below so that our experts can reach out to you as soon as possible.


Ciyapa offers high-quality T-shirts for both men and women. The term ciyapa serves as the starting point for our adventure. At Ciyapa, we strive to make your shopping experience fun and memorable. We promise to be there for you in any situation and to provide you with the finest possible service

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